For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

We enjoy having parents and grandparents volunteer on campus and in the classroom! Volunteers support our faculty and staff with their time and talents, and in doing so, help us to keep our tuition affordable. 

June 22, 2019 Work Day - Huge Success!  THANK YOU!

Our work day on June 22nd was a huge success thanks to the 29 volunteers!
Thank you to these amazing volunteers for their incredible service to our school and because of this, how much we were able to accomplish in 4 hours!
Thank you to these amazing individuals for their incredible work ethic and their willingness to serve our school!
Adults:  John Hicks, Dwayne Beavers, Courtney Soyring, Jeff Reinmuth, Neal Eifling, Tim Weaver, Doug Weaver, Kristen Carter,  Paul Heinrich, Lisa Mesler, Clarence Henderson, David Arbogast, Rachel Arbogast, Courtney McDaniel, Anthony McDaniel, Sr., Jill Downey, Nora Gass
Students:  Luke Wing, CJ Carter, Jesse Heinrich, Josiah Mesler, David Mesler, Abby Mesler, Jackson Downey, Savannah McDaniel, Anthony McDaniel, Jr,  Mikayla Stephenson,  Jalen Henderson,  Emmy Arbogast

Here is what was accomplished:
Replaced some problems areas in the field with some new sod
  1. Put in edging around the 2 bleacher pads now permanently installed on the field
  2. Put construction lining under bleachers and safely secured bleachers on wood platforms with rebar
  3. Filled pea gravel under both sets of bleachers
  4. Re-painted all the lines in the CAPS building
  5. Painted the wood platforms used to stabilize the  bleachers
  6. Extended our French drain system on our field
  7. Cleaned out the maintenance bay and other exterior storage areas down by the field
  8. Painted rocks for “TBS” rock formation on hillside facing field

Here's what volunteering at TBS might look like:

  • Helping in the Instructional Support Center
  • Assisting with classroom and teacher needs
  • Taking tickets at athletic events
  • Elementary recess monitoring
  • Baking cookies for special events
  • Decorating for upcoming events or holidays
  • Library supervision
  • Student Center lunch preparations
  • Selling concessions with Booster Club

If you are interested in volunteering please contact:

Elementary opportunities - Julie Peterson [email protected]
Secondary opportunities - [email protected]
Athletics and Campus opportunities - [email protected]
Event opportunities - [email protected]