Run as one

"Run as One" is a school wide fundraising event  for all grade levels!  The last two year's have raised a little over $30,000 for our school!  Funds raised go to our 20/20 Field Vision Project.   The first phase of this project accomplished the goal of stabilizing our field for practices and, for the first time ever, home soccer games.  This phase also built up, improved and made a safer playground facility for our kids!
The schools' goals in the next couple phases of the 20/20 project are to create more parking for the future events/games, expand the field in hopes of having football games at TBS, and add a couple lanes of track, scoreboard, bleachers, etc.  The order of priority for phase 2 has not been decided yet, but money raised will be used to continue to improve, expand, and create safer athletic and PE facilities that will be a huge benefit to all of our kids!
When you pledge for your student or make a donation today, you can know that it will benefit so many and the future of TBS.