Start your Christmas shopping at the BOOK FAIR!

There are so many books to choose from for every kind of kid: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Bestselling, and even "laugh-out-loud" stories.  Find hundreds of books from new and favorite authors, popular series, cool posters, and school supplies, not to mention FUN!  

This is a great opportunity to encourage your kids to keep reading over the Christmas break and into the New Year!  Also, when you buy from the TBS Book Fair, a portion of each sale will go back to the TBS Library to update and expand our book selection.  

Do you have grandparents or aunts and uncles who want to send money for your child to spend at the book fair?  That's easy!  Send money from anywhere to your child's eWallet account.  See the flyer below for details or click here to set up their account today.  

Book Fair Dates

Friday, November 21 (6:00PM at Talent Show)
Monday & Tuesday, November 25 & 26 ( All day during conferences)
Monday-Wednesday, December 2-4 (scheduled classroom visits)