Why Study Theology?

Why Study the Theology?
by Matt Richey, Head of TBS Bible Department & High School Bible Teacher

Sometimes people doubt the need study theology.

“Isn’t it enough to love God, read the Bible, pray, and go to church?”

“Why should we study a topic that is difficult to understand, leads to divisions among Christians, and is often theoretical and seemingly far removed from the ‘real world?’”

Although there are more, here are three reasons I believe all of us should study theology.

  • First, the aim of theology is to grow in our knowledge of God. Love of God, as with anyone else, grows with knowledge; it would be a mistake to separate love and knowledge. You cannot love God if you do not know Him, just like I do not love my wife or my children if I do not desire to know them better. If you love God, you will seek to know Him better.
  • Second, theology will impact our experience of God. Understanding who God is will impact how you pray, worship, and live before Him. Studying science changes how you interact with the world around you and gives you a new lens through which to see. Similarly, growing in your knowledge and understanding of God and His world will impact your daily experience of God and His world.
  • Third, studying theology is necessary to being the church. An important aspect of being the church is the definition of God and of what it means to be a Christian. Without definitions we cannot make determinations as to whether we are worshiping the same God or whether we or others are truly His children. This takes thought and study. Ideas have consequences, good and bad. We must be sure that we are rightly understanding who God is and how He is to approached and worshiped if we are to be His church.

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